We advise you in all matters from investment in and analysis of existing machines to maintenance and modernization – from investment to analysis of existing plants on to maintenance and modernization issues. Our service consultants have the experience and specific know-how to very quickly detect available potentials, eliminate deficits or optimize processes.

The TSE Extrusion Group offers the following consulting services:

  • Process simulation
  • Throughput analysis
  • Wear analysis
  • Testing
  • Benchmarking
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The CPM Extrusion Group offers the following engineering services:

  • System review
  • Process line & system design
  • Die design
  • Die flow characterization
  • Custom applications design


Our service agreements are tailored to your individual needs. You minimize your risk and maximize your machine and system availability.

Our service agreements are frame contracts which we sign with you. The emphasis is on flexible services which deal specifically with your needs. They reach from inspection and remote service contracts to full-service contracts ensuring the optimal availability of your extruders, compounders, bulk materials systems or components at fixed costs.


Our multi-level training program helps machine operators and engineers, beginners and professionals to understand the potential of their extruders and make the best possible use of them.

The TSE Extrusion Group offers the following training:

  • Process training
  • Maintenance and best practices
  • On-site custom programs
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TSE Group has the world’s most extensive test labs for compounding and extrusion systems. The modular design of the twin screw extruders permits them to be set up specifically for each test. Depending on the processing task, the latest extruder developments such as the Feed Enhancement Technology FET, twin screw side devolatilization units Bulk Solid Activator and Electronic Pressure Compensation EPC are integrated into the test set-up. This allows processes with throughput rates from just a few kg/h up to a medium production scale to be developed or optimized. The TSE experts convert the test results to production scale with proven scale-up methods.


We provide both standardized and also highly customized service packages for machines and plants. Our maintenance work secures your plant reliability and checks that resources are being deployed efficiently.

The most common reason for decreasing product quality, reduced throughput or instable processes are wornoutscrews and barrels. If one of these cases occurs, there is need for swift action. Without timely repairs yourline can be severely damaged. And this results in unplanned, oftentimes tedious and expensive downtimes andproduction losses.

Therefore, be prepaired and make use of our internal repair service! Within the shortest time you will get aready-to-use, overhauled set of screws or barrels.


The TSE Extrusion Group offers the following emergency services:

  • Extensive spare part inventories in the US and China
  • Responsive trouble resolution
  • 24 hour emergency hotline

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